Health care education �?? The new horizon

Ages ago, medicine started in a form that is non-invasive where the  symptoms  were  the  main indicators of a dis-ease a patient complains about. This over centuries, have  elevated to form  the way medicine is today; the modern medicine. Truly there existed a time very recently when invasive medicine became the easy and quick resolve of medical  issues—subject  to  approval  of both the care provider and the patient. Considering the advantageous state nowadays where science has reached a point –thanks to technology advancers and to  invasive-based  data  specialist—were  the comprehensive or so called holistic medicine is by dependence on the scientific history of medicine progress has evolved into a new horizon for the new schools of medicine to come. How  does the progress in the advancement of technology and the scientific consecutive revolutions affect the medical orientation by health care providers and the consciousness of the receivers of the same,  on the other hand? What does medical education need to go through in order to be  an  easily accessible resource for individuals? How can medical knowledge be life styled to provide a strong preventive behaviour than a responsive one?  Can Complementary and Alternative  Medicine attend  to next genrations medical needs? Why Heart and Brain Medicine?  This paper is designed to attend  to those queries and to address the same in the conference applied to..


Ruba A. M. AlZeer

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