New innovations in the management of brain and spine tumors

In treating patients with tumors of the brain and spine, the primary goal is to maximize quality of life while minimizing treatment related morbidity. As the Director of Neuro-surgical Oncology – Eastern Division at WVU Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute (RNI), my goal is to provide the latest advances in treatment modalities and technology to treat my patients. I am committed to working from the bench to the bedside such that I can conduct true translational research allowing me to provide a direct impact on advancing treatments for my patients. In this effort, I am work with the RNI to establish the WVU medical center as an innovation’s hub utilizing the latest treatment modalities as well as applications in virtual and augmented reality for medical student and resident education as well as for patient engagement and improved patient outcomes. Through this effort, I regularly using 360 degree virtual reconstructions of 2D patient imaging in the classroom, clinic and operating room. In addition, through a collaborative effort we are building a network with corporate leaders in the XR space to develop new innovations to benefit our patients. We are developing a comprehensive plan to connect WVU faculty, as well as undergraduate and graduate students with industry, in order to develop new XR innovations to improve clinical care, education and research across the campus. We are hoping that by introducing these new and immersive technologies on campus, we can stimulate new ideas and interests from ALL disciplines that will eventually allow us to solidify our roadmap in this space. We are in the process of assessing the current WVU landscape to identify key stakeholders who will work collaboratively to pioneer the development of the WVU Center for XR Innovations and Development. This talk serves to describe the advanced technologies currently being utilized in Neuro-oncology care at WVU to improve the outcomes of our patients.


Jonathan Sherman

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